Thursday, December 9, 2010

Udaipur: “Venice of the East” and the final shop

The decision was made that given we were near the end of the trip that we would eat out a bit more and away from the advice of Raj and Ranny so Elisca and I headed out in search of breakfast. We first went to a rooftop restaurant but classified as not clean enough for us so we walked on a bit further to the  Lotus Cafe where I discovered the “special” lassi is in fact a marijuana lassi. Thankfully I found this out by asking and not by trying. Breakfast was really good (cheese omelette with too much cheese but easily fixed) and cheap. We were to get back to the hotel to join the group before they went out for the daily sightseeing but instead thanks to Brett we arranged to meet them at the Shree Jagdish Temple but they took forever to get there so off shopping we went and about 40 minutes later they arrived. The local guide for the temple greeted me with a “Kia Ora” which was nice. We wondered around here. I think I was a bit “templed” out because I wasn’t really listening at all.

Carving on the temple
You know you are bored when you are trying to get the shutter speed fast enough to catch a drop coming out of a lions mouth!
  After we left the temple we moved up the hill to the City Palace and explored this massive structure. Amazingly, on the roof top was a nice secluded garden which was a welcome retreat from the outside world. I could imagine having a great party up there and it just being so relaxing. It was a beautiful palace with lots of differing sections and rooms which were used until fairly recently. The views over lake Picola were fantastic and obviously some money had been spent on some flash hotels that were positioned on or near the lake. Apparently the lake has been close to drying up in recent years. This city is described at the “Venice of the East” and although I have not been to Venice (yet!) I can imagine the similarities. The palace was full of elaborate wall work, vibrant colours and stained glass windows.
My job is not so bad afterall

Doors of Rajistan complete with spikes to prevent elephant attacks (decorative)

Very ornate

Venice of the East

Beautiful stained glass windows in the palace

Rooftop entertainment area at the palace
Looking through a window out into the city

Another doors of Rajistan photo

This got included because I think it turned out so well

Five photos stitched together to make a panorama

We walked around the palace and then went to the sunshine rooftop restaurant for lunch. I had an omelette again for lunch and then Elisca, Brett, Rachel and I headed off in search of the markets.
Another wedding in progress
Sights along the way

Busy streets
 All we found were closed markets except the fruit and vege markets which was a hive of activity but in the process of closing down for the day. If only we could eat some of the fruit but all that is safe to really eat is the stuff that you can peel. Oh, how I wanted an apple! I missed apples.
I was not sure if she wanted a photo or not (communication error) and should have considered the knife a bit more in the decision making

Colours and apples everywhere
 Elisca and I walked and walked and eventually we ran out of map so took a tuk tuk back to the hotel but the was a sunset to be caught on camera but before we did that we headed to the internet cafe (one of only three I found in India) for a quick check and by the time we finished there we had run out of time for a time to get to a vantage point.
Our night time activity was to go to a cultural show which was a power walk from the hotel. We met most of the group there and enjoyed what was a well run show. I have to admire the woman who balanced all the bowls on her head with such poise and a smile on her face.
I am sure this is a useful skill somehow

Now that is balance

It was a really colourful show. After the show we went out for dinner of curry again and then wondered back to the hotel for bed

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