Thursday, December 9, 2010

The last days: Delhi

We arrived in Delhi at about 7.30am, piled back into a bus for the last time L and headed to the hotel. The streets around the hotel were still quite quiet and after what seemed like a bit of a search we got to the Hotel Dreamland in Karol Bargh. Time for a shower and then off to see what Delhi has is store.
Arriving at Delhi train station. We all look like zombies
I must say that the Metro train is mighty impressive when compared to what we have seen for public transport in India. I think, us woman were probably more impressed than the men because we got our own (along with other women) carriage on the train away from the guys who were travelling cramped cattle class in the carriages behind. It was the first time in India where us as women had something over the men and meant that we felt a bit safer from pick pockets etc. The poor guys were very cramped back there while we were basically the only ones standing in our carriage.
What a lovely sign...just for us women

We made it to the old part of Delhi (Chandni Chowk) and walked to the Red Fort where the paparazzi was at its worst for Jackie and Alex. J walking also proved to be a bit more challenging than other towns. We walked to a mosque which some walked to and others (me) didn’t choosing rather to be steered at by some mentally unstable person (not by choice). We walked down some little alleyways through some really old buildings. I am fairly sure you could get truly lost in these alleys without some knowledge.
The Red Fort in Delhi

Before the onslaught of cameras

Streetscape of Delhi

The small alleys of the main streets of Delhi

The alleys obviously make a good motorbike park to

Shopping opportunities in old Delhi

 Eventually we made it back to the railway station and went to Connaught Place to see a bit of modern Delhi. This was where Raj left us and off we went for lunch of dossa’s. A dossa is a massive crispy crepe roll with a bit of potato masala in it (see pic). Despite being really oily, it was really nice and kept me going for the rest of the day.
New Delhi
Elisca and her Dossa

Almost didn't put this one in (weird face!) but this is me and my dossa

 After lunch we attempted to find some markets that Raj had suggested but just couldn’t find them so returned via the Metro to the hotel and watched TV which was probably a good move considering the lack of sleep last night. Tonight was our last group dinner, although Michael had already left for Australia. Tonight was chicken tikka. I think I am curried out and need a break and the chicken tikka was just right along with the long island iced tea. After dinner we retreated to Michael’s now vacant room to have farewell drinks. I think this was dampened due to the lack of sleep that most of us had last night and at least for me it was an early-ish night unfortunately.

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