Saturday, December 4, 2010

A train journey to Agra

Now this train trip didn't hold the excitement that it did in China. It is sort of a case of been there, done that but this is a different trip with a different group of people and for most it was their first time on a sleeper train. Actually the trains in India have more space than the ones in China. As we settled in we met a local who was a try hard travel guide who was also to sleep in our six berth along with another local who was given the name "grumpy" who was sleeping at the bottom bed below me. Thankfully, there are early nights on trains and the lights are out by about 9.30pm and really we had no choice because "grumpy" wanted to go to be.

Varanasi train station
So the challenge was set to get onto the top bunk. I think I am fairly nimble but there wasn't a lot of room up there. You definately couldn't sit up.
Not much room to move

I attempted to somewhat make my bed with try hard travel guide laughing at me and in the end everyone was in hysterics over our own predicaments. Jackie had her own spacious bed at the end of the six berth but was too tall for the bed especially as you end up sleeping in bed with your small (in name only) bag. I was hanging out over the end but due to how high up I was I only hit a few people on the head.

 We didn't get much sleep because the door to the toilet allowed light in and our curtain that was meant to keep the light out kept getting pulled open. After a disruptive night sleep we made it to Agra in the early morning in time to see the sun rise.
Me, Elisca, Sarah and Mary

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