Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last day in India and a sad farewell

What a sad day. I have had so much fun in Nepal and India but this is my last day. At the beginning the trip seemed so long but as time went on, time went faster and faster. I don’t think it was till we had our last bus trip, then our last train trip that is really set in that the days are numbered.
My last day started slow as roomie had had a good dose of gastro overnight which had left her a bit sluggish so the start of the day was on the seats in the reception area of the hotel (free wi-fi) catching up on emails, flights etc. We did eventually get going about 12 and headed back to Connaught Place to find that illusive market. It appears that it is down the street we tried yesterday but we just didn’t walk far enough. Along the way we stopped for lunch at Pizza Hut. Who would have thought my last meal in India would have been a margarita pizza from a multinational but as it turned out that is what it was. It was nice to sit there and savour the pizza before the haggling and bargaining that was to come. I wasn’t intending to buy anything but sometimes you get caught in the moment so I brought a miniature Taj and two bags. Jackie, who had absolutely no room left in her back pack brought more to fit who knows where in her backpack. It was alot of fun for our last day.
Dodgy scaffolding

A street market that proved to be expensive for Jackie and I
We retreated early from the markets as roomie’s belly was not behaving. We ended up doing a power walk back to the hotel. Soon my room (technically) became the packing station as the girls were meant to be going to a nearby hotel for the night. With Elisca resting in bed, Jackie and I starting lugging the backpacks over to the other hotel in two trips. On my final trip and with a heavy backpack on I got chatted up by some guy. He was trying to guess which country I was from and as per usual never got it right (phew) so I carried on. The only problem was I had to go past him to get back to my hotel. I got offered a cup of tea on the way passed and I had a nice smile to myself. The plan was to go out with the rest of the group but things changed and I stayed behind with Elisca and Raj as they had a bit of fun with a new computer. Elisca decided to stay the night at my hotel which was nice. At least I had someone to say good-bye to even if she was sick and half asleep. I left the hotel at 4.30am on a very foggy and somewhat cold morning. As a reminder of the driving in India the car that I was in had a close call with a van. Call it Pavlovian conditioning but I didn’t feel myself flinch which is a worry. And so ends my Nepal and India story.
Just a few points
My favourite places?
1.      Taj – a dream fulfilled
2.      Kathmandu – chaotic with great, cheap food
3.      Ganges at Varanasi – you hear about it but seeing it is another thing
My favourite memories?
·         An awesome guide in India (thanks Raj)
·         A beautiful roommate for 20 days
·         A great bunch of travelling companions (we got along so well)
·         The night at Thordi Ghar
·         Elisca’s response on the bus when we had a near miss with a truck (near miss might be an understatement!)
·         Wearing a sari for a whole night and the thing not falling off
Favourite eat?
·         Steamed momo in Nepal

·         Dossa in Delhi
Favourite photograph?

Final words
This trip would not have been what it was without the people that I travelled with.
Raj, you were fantastic. I know you were as sad as we were that the trip had finished and it sort of feels like we have abandoned you but you have left us with lasting memories especially of the time that you gave us at the end of the tour. You never seemed to get stressed out (at least outwardly) and you were so easy going. I promise I will do the feedback form but it is currently about 4000 kms away in Cairns. Please stay in touch Raj.
Elisca, words cannot describe what a  privilege it was to share with you. You are a beautiful woman who will land an amazing man one day. I loved your honesty and strangely we had a similar wit. Love you sis.
Jackie and Alex, I still have a quiet laugh when I see the picture of Alex walking the Annapurna circuit in a skirt...such a girlie girl on this trip that seemed so ungirly. Jackie, you have an amazing sense of humour which I can’t wait to meet again on Friday (I won’t let a natural disaster like a flood stop me...hopefully)
I will stop there before I really embarrass myself and others. Thank you to all my travelling companions. It’s a shame it didn’t last longer.

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  1. Such a great blog Bron! I really feel like im back on our trip when i read it :)
    So many amazing memories & new friends!!Jacqui x