Thursday, December 9, 2010

The track to Delhi: Another train trip and more laughs

Morning awoke and off we went in search of breakfast again and with no surprise we headed back to the Lotus for a bit of jam and toast and then it was shopping time and shop we did. More pashminas and more scarfs. I don’t know why...I live in the tropics. The coldest it got was 16 degrees this year, hardly a reason to buy scarfs! We went for a wander around the jewellery stores but I didn’t buy any as it didn’t really seem that cheap. All in all, it was a good day of haggling and having some fun with the local sales people.
We had to get back to the hotel by 5pm in order to catch the train to Delhi. To get from the hotel to the train station we had to take a tuk tuk ride and I felt sorry for the tuk tuk because it had two of us plus our backpacks (and one of them was not too light) but surprisingly we past two other tuk tuks from our group but the driver was getting some encouragement.
Back in the train again and with some swopping of beds I finally got a top bunk by the door AGAIN compounded by the fact there was no ladder to get up there when the time came to go to bed. We filled in some time with UNO which Jackie is queen of. Then, we had the pleasure of watching Jackie eat a meal from a stall at one of the stations (a bit of a risk) especially when you eat the hot pickles on your first bite and end up with a burning mouth and turning into a bright shade of red. Bed time came and a clamber up the beds to the top only to discover an air conditioning duct right by my bed which led to a rather chilly night. For the most part I had a light annoying me and it was only at 6am when I got Eric to turn off the fan that I found out that we had the light switch!!!!! Because of the air conditioning duct I turned myself around (somehow) and put my head by the door which proved to be my best move all night – I just had to make sure that I didn’t hang my head over the end and get my head jammed in the door like my feet were. Apparently the only bed is a short bed in an Indian train. Overall, it was a cold night with some sleep but not much!

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